Services Provided

  • PA set ups for large and small venues, both indoor and outdoor. Large outdoor rig covers approximately 5000 people.
  • City/Municipal festivals
  • Music festivals
  • Acoustic ensemble amplification
  • Fairs
  • Weddings
  • Corporate parties
  • Hiring a band? We can handle their PA needs
  • Rider friendly equipment inventory
  • Multitrack or summing recording of groups
  • Large inventory of wireless microphones for theater use
  • Theatrical sound design and full PA set up
  • Can run multiple stages simultaneously at festivals

What sets AK2 Productions apart from everyone else?

  • Our equipment inventory rivals the largest companies around in quality – Danley Sound Labs Mains and Subs and Midas Pro Console. The Midas consoles have been on literally thousands of major national tours. Our basic PA set up is oftentimes 5 times the cost of most companies our size.
  • Our FOH engineers care about how the band on stage sounds. They are actively working the entire show to make the band sound the best it can sound.
  • The majority of our FOH engineers have a degree or schooling in how to mix.
  • Our prices are competitive for the equipment we bring.
  • We believe appearance matters. Our workers present themselves in a clean manner with no smoking while working.
  • We are not a weekend warrior company doing this as a hobby. This is our profession. A lot of time has been invested in doing this right and well.
  • We care as much about the success of your event as the quality of our work.
  • We embrace technology, but depend on tried and true methods to get the most out of what is happening on stage. Mixing on an iPad to save you money is not what we do.
Sampling Inventory

Mains: Danley Sound Labs SH96, Danley Sound Labs Minis, QSC KW153
Subs: Danley Sound Labs TH118, Danley Sound Labs TH Minis
FOH Consoles: Midas Pro 2C, Midas Venice 32, PreSonus Studio Live
Stage Wedges and/or In Ear Monitoring
Microphones (small sampling of our 170+ inventory):

  • Shure SM58, SM57, Beta52, SM58(wireless), Beta98H
  • Sennheiser MD421 II, 865 (wireless)
  • AKG 414, 391, D112, 3000, C1000s
  • Earthworks
  • Many many more